Kaw Thaung

Myanmar ( Burma) Entry Requirements

Dive boat operators from Thailand make special arrangements (license) to enter the Mergui Archipelago, which is a part of Myanmar (Burma). We do not use the same procedures as you would if you actually entered Burma by plane or overland.

A Myanmar (Burmese) Visa is *not* required, unless you want to visit Myanmar before or after the liveaboard.

Myanmar (Burmese) entry fees are currently $230 US (7 days) per person, per entry (*not per day*) This fee is required in US cash only, new bills please (*no checks, credit cards, or other currencies are accepted for this fee*). This is the policy of the Myanmar (Burmese) officials, *not* our policy.

Please buy the US dollars before you arrive in Thailand. * Foreign currencies are difficult if not impossible to buy here without a lot of work and wasted holiday time. *

If your country of citizenship requires you to have a Thai visa, please make sure you get a double or multiple entry visa as you will be leaving Thailand. So, please check with the Royal Thai Consulate in your country for further information.

When you are planning to stay longer than 15 days in Thailand after the Myanmar liveaboard, you will need to have a re-entry stamp which can be obtained from the immigration at Bangkok international airport or Phuket international airport.

We also require:
• One color copy of the front page of your passport (photo page)
This must be emailed to us as soon as possible or at least three weeks before the trip departs.

In addition, the following must be brought with you:
• TWO recent color passport-size photographs.

Please have the 230 US cash in *exact change and new bills (nomination 10, 20, 50 and 100)*.
This makes our entry and exit procedures much quicker and easier.

We strongly advise to have a dive insurance for the Myanmar liveaboard.