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PADI Courses liveaboard, Myanmar

Only the Advanced Open Water Diver and Nitrox Courses will be made on our Burma Diving Safari, due to the dives during the Live aboard.

Advanced Open Water course - price : 8,000 baht + 7% VAT (560 baht)

This course concentrates on giving you more experience in diving in different conditions, depths and using new equipment (dive computer). This certification allows you to dive to a maximum depth of 30m, opening up more of the dive sites for you to explore!

Doing your Advance Open Water course on our livaboards will give you a great advantage by having an instructor for several days, giving you more time and better quality training while making it easier as you don't need to perform in the traditional 5 dives but you can strech the course to a more relaxed gradual progress.

For this course you will get the "Adventures in diving" manual from which you will study 5 dives/chapters. Two of them being compulsory: Deep and Navigation. The other 3 dives you can choose. The course consists of 2 segments: Knowledge Development and an Open Water dive. This means that is a practical course, no theoretical examination but just a review over the key points from the chosen dives and the actual dive from which you will receive feedback.

There are 12 subjects to choose from for the PADI Advanced Open water Diver course:

1Deep Diving  7 Underwater Naturalist
2Drift Diving  8 Underwater Navigation
3Multilevel & Computer Diving  9 Underwater Photography
4Night Diving10 Underwater Videography
5Peak Performance Buoyancy11 Wreck Diving
6Search & Recovery12 Aware fish identification

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course.
when made on our live aboard: M/V Dolphin Queen.

- PADI Advanced Open Water Diver book
- PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification card.
- Use of dive computer for the complete dive safari.

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Nitrox course - price: 6.800 baht + 7% VAT (476 baht)

Includes: manual
4 tanks of nitrox
Dive computer for nitrox dives

This is our most popular speciality. This speciality is the perfect choice for recreational holiday divers and professionals, especially on Liveaboards. Commonly our staff dive on Nitrox reducing the amount of Nitrogen in their bodies and its effects. You are taught how to extend your bottom times and parameters of safety are increased. The course does not involve in water skills but is more focused on theory, although not intensive it will teach you the considerations of diving with a higher percentage of oxygen (from 21 to 40%).