Exploring the Southern Mergui Archipelago 5 days/ 6 nights

9:00-11:00  Arrive in Khao Lak Dive center (map)
9:30-12:00Check-in and equipment fitting
13:00 Departure for Kura Buri in air-conditioned minivan (90 minutes)
15:00 Thai Immigration control and exit stamp
16:00 Arrival and boarding the Dolphin Queen
18:30Sunset Departure to Kaw Thuang, Myanmar
Day 1 8:00Myanmar Immigration – Entry stamp
10:00Departure for the Mergui Archipelago, Breakfast time
12:00Lunch is served
15:00Dive 1 - Elephant's Kiss
18:30Dusk or Night Dive - Similan Diving Safaris dive site
fan coral
Day 2 On this day we dive 4 times, North Twin Plateau, and some beach time.
Day 3  Around Fan Forest area, 4 dives
Day 4  Doing 4 dives around Western Rocky area
Day 5  The last day diving, 3 dives
18:00  Arrival Kaw Thaung, Myanmar Immigration Exit stamp
19:30 Sail back to Kura Buri
Day 6 Light breakfast
9:00Thai immigration entry stamp
10:00 Disembark and take the air-conditioned minivan to our dive center in Khao Lak
11:30 Time to arrange your forward travel or hotel

All Dive sites and times maybe changed due to weather or sea conditions for your safety. Some of the Similan Diving Safaris dive sites are a selection of unique sites discovered by us on the Dolphin Queen over the past four seasons.

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Mergui Archipelago Map, Myanmar ( Burma)

Mergui map